Contracts & Agreements
CAPRI negotiates, drafts and interprets all types of contracts involving Industrial and Intellectual Property (transferring and licensing IP rights, software, logos, etc., research, development and subcontracting contracts, co-ownership agreements, confidentiality agreements, trade mark coexistence agreements, contracts involving unpatented know-how, etc.).

CAPRI also handles the registration procedures for contracts, particularly transfers and licences, in Patent Offices in France and abroad.

CAPRI offers to attend meetings for the preparation and negotiation of contracts. This enables clients to adapt the sensitive clauses of contracts in the light of the special context and the wishes of the contracting parties.

Example :
A client collaborated with a research consultancy to develop a medical device. The research consultancy holds several patents covering particular aspects of this device. Our client was ready to take out a licence for these patents. CAPRI not only studied the scope and validity of these patents, but also took part in several negotiation meetings. Our researches and analyses were decisive in evaluating the price of the licence which was finally reduced.