IP right infringement creates an economic trap for many companies and is a vital issue whose consequences can be very serious. CAPRI accompanies its clients in its dealings with the courts by providing its expertise in this field.

Infringement cases are a legal terrain in which the two opposing parties are often not lawyers. CAPRI provides the indispensable technical-juridical interface that enables its clients to put across their arguments and wishes effectively to the legal players (attorneys at law and judges).

CAPRI provides assistance for court cases and disputes, particularly those concerning: infringement, imitation, unfair competition, invalidity of patents, trade marks, design patents, non-fulfilment of contract clauses and ownership claims.

CAPRI also participates in the identification of infringers and acts of infringement by injunctions, bailiff's affidavits and seizures for infringement.

CAPRI also takes part in amicable settlement transactions.

In the case of legal proceedings, CAPRI offers its services for monitoring, advising and preparing case files.

Example :
Our client holds a patent in wide use in the field of upmarket pumps. A competitor infringed the patent rights by manufacturing and selling down-market products that incorporated the client's invention. After losing its case in a first hearing and then losing its appeal, the competitor was finally forced to pay damages which, based on the margin lost by our client, largely exceeded the fruit of its infringement.