Research and monitoring
In our largely globalised economy, research and monitoring take on strategic importance for the protection of companies and market anticipation. CAPRI delivers regular and personalized reports to enable companies to evaluate the activity of their competitors and grasp the state of the art.

CAPRI carries out prior art researches by directly accessing databases on industrial property (patents, trade marks, denominations).

CAPRI also calls on external service providers specialising in prior art researches, such as the research services of the European and American Patent Offices.

CAPRI monitors the rights of competitors on behalf of its clients. In particular, CAPRI monitors the patent filing procedures of competitors, as well as the registration of trade marks likely to impact on those of its clients.

Furthermore, CAPRI offers a technological survey service.

Example :
An international company wishes to obtain regular updates on the technical innovations in its field of activity, particularly those of its direct competitors. This will enable it to avoid infringing the rights of innovations patented by its competitors. CAPRI organises technological survey based on the International Patent Classification in the technical fields corresponding to the activity of its client. Periodically, for example each month, CAPRI makes a selection from the hundreds of documents revealed by the scan and draws up a monitoring report listing the most relevant documents. The report contains in particular the front pages of recently published French, European, international (PCT) and US patent applications, and it can be structured to meet the needs of clients.