CAPRI is a young, dynamic and experienced team that combines complementary skill portfolios. There are nine people on the team at present, most of whom have worked in the law firm for over ten years. This human dimension and our decidedly modern approach to the profession enable us to maintain excellent relations with each of our clients.
CAPRI is committed not simply to scrupulously obeying our professional code of ethics, especially professional secrecy (identical to the code of attorneys at law), but also to being at the service of any person who calls on our skills, because a code of ethics has meaning only if it involves respect for others.
CAPRI is a member of the following bodies: CNCPI (National Institute of Industrial Property Attorneys), EPI (Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office), ACPI (Association of Industrial Property Attorneys), FICPI (International Federation of Industrial Property Attorneys), AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property).
CAPRI maintains close relations based on competence and trust with its partners in all the main countries of the world (Europe, USA, Asia). CAPRI also collaborates with specialist counterparts around the world, forming a complete and coherent network that facilitates the protection of the Industrial Property rights of its clients worldwide.
Founded more than 30 years ago, CAPRI has won the loyalty of its clients by adapting itself to their development. In 2003, a new management took over in CAPRI, which led to a diversification and reinforcement of its clientele and a move into new fields of activity.